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The Anatomy of a House Concert

I have been switching from big venues to House Concerts lately, at first I wasn’t sure exactly how they would work out, but now that people are signing on, it is quite amazing and deeply fulfilling. With the anatomy of a House Concert, there is an intimacy to holding a […]

France Underwater?

I just returned from France where I performed and sang my little heart out for several CD release concerts for Long After Midnight. In case you haven’t heard, it the new album that I recorded in Paris about a year ago and now it’s out… but I digress, I seem […]

Headed to France

I will be leaving next Monday evening, returning to one of my favorite places on this beautiful earth. Paris, France. Visiting old friends and releasing my 2nd CD titled, Long After Midnight. I recorded it at Sextant Studios right before I left to return to my native soil. As I […]