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Long After Midnight made Top 5 on the CMJ charts

What is it about LAM? Is it the sensuous light voice or the sweet brushing on the drums? The melodic piano or driving bass? Probably all the above is why our album, Long After Midnight not only made the CMJ charts this week, but made the top 5 and on […]

They Call Me Mellow Yellow, what do they call you?

Mellow Yellow was always one of my favorite songs ever since I was a younger human listening to music. So naturally when we (and I mean Laurent Marode and myself) were working on our album Long After Midnight, we thought it would be fun to add this song to our […]

The Anatomy of a House Concert

I have been switching from big venues to House Concerts lately, at first I wasn’t sure exactly how they would work out, but now that people are signing on, it is quite amazing and deeply fulfilling. With the anatomy of a House Concert, there is an intimacy to holding a […]