Music is like the best sex

Published: March 13th, 2010 | Category: Jazz, Music, News, recording studio, Relationships, Singing

An amazing experience started last Saturday for me. I originally was going out of town to see the Vocal Jazz Festival at Columbia College, but it turned out I had so much work to do, I stayed in town. Here is where the good part starts, George Mesterhazy has been in town for the last 6 weeks with his quartet playing the Raazz room with the amazing and wonderful Paula West. Her voice is so beautiful and her phrasing…oh, la la, fantastic. Since I last saw her she has grown and blossomed and….but wait, I digress.

Where was I? Oh yes, I was being the self indulgent singer talking about myself..again. Anyway, when I told George I was staying in town, he said, let’s go into the studio and record a few songs. I did a little research and from what everyone told me there were two studios that were wonderful with kick-ass engineers. Priscilla Rice’s studio, Live Oak Studio’s at: and David Landon’s Whip Records. George needs a Steinway. Priscilla didn’t have one, so it was to Whip Records that we went.

David has just about every fabulous microphone you can imagine, Neuman’s, Royer’s, Senheiser…and guitars; Gibson, a custom Les Paul, and Fenders…He knows his stuff and George and David clicked and were like two geeky peas in a pod talking about recording, microphones, editing and mixing..a room full of equipment – there is so much equipment and stuff, I can’t even list it all, here, check out his website:

George and I start out with piano and vocals with Alice In Wonderland…then more magic happens, Fred Randolf shows up with his big beautiful bass. More and more magic happens and then rest of the day just rolls by with creative energy flowing and music happening, being created and given birth, but the easiest, smoothest birth you could imagine.

Creating music is like the best sex you could possibly ever have! There I said it.

And George is such a creative genius and F*****ing incredible producer, ahhhhh, aside from the birth of my three children, one of the best two days of my life. The second being yesterday, when we went back into the studio and did it all over again. Can I have a cigarette please?

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