Album mixing

Published: July 30th, 2010 | Category: News

Ahhhhh…the mixing is nearly completed at Whip Records on my new jazz album, Everytime We Say Goodbye with George Mesterhazy on piano and Fred Randolf on bass.  What an amazing experience it all has been and I really appreciate all who have helped out on this incredible venture to assist me in following my dream. I have learned so much in observing and listening to everything around me.

My next move? To master the album and of course finish the liner notes and which pictures to use for the cover, inset and back…which reminds me, a few days  ago I had pictures taken by the master himself,  the amazing Pat Johnson in SF. As you can see, here is just one of the many that were taken that day in his dark, eclectic studio on South Park. Was there even a bad picture taken? I don’t think so.

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