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Published: January 9th, 2010 | Category: Jazz, Jokes, Music, News, Singing, Voice Over

Singing in Paris

Singing in Paris

Ahhhhh, back in the US and my wonderful children. I missed them so much and it was grand to see them as they all ran up the escalator to embrace me when I got off the BART. It was like a slow motion movie as their hair gently lifted and down with each step as they came closer…and then they rammed into me and knocked me down. Okay, not really.

I sang for two nights at the Le Relais de la Huehette Piano Bar in Latin Quarter in Paris. Sweetness! The audience was loud but attentive and the piano players were fabulous!

The first night the piano player was Chris Tapor, he reminded me of your typical cabaret player and singer, very flashy and vibrant. We sang Girl from Ipanema together. I started it off all the way through in English then after the solo he sang it in Portuguese and for the final way through we traded back and forth with the last refrain together. So wonderful and we sounded great together.

The second night Philippe Ours was the piano player. He performs twice a week at la Huehette and all around Paris. We exchanged phone numbers, I would like to work with him again and have made a nice contact. He was more into the Jazz music then Chris was and could read charts with no problems and knew all the jazz standards.

If I had more time, I would love to find a way to perform in Paris more. They really appreciate Jazz and there are tons of clubs. This time I just made new friends and re-acquainted myself with the wonderful city of Paris.

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