Back to reality

Published: November 8th, 2009 | Category: Jazz, Music, News, Singing, Voice Over

Okay, we come home from our trip to Mexico and winning the great singing contest, to find out our house has been broken into and one of our cars is stolen, crashed into parked cars and the suspects have run off without being caught.

WTF I think! IF you have never walked into your bedroom and seen every drawer pulled out and all your belongings strewn across the floor…well you are lucky. What a mess and a pain in the tush to clean up! We talked to the police tonight and because of how they did it and the things they took, they are pretty sure it was someone the kids knew. Why take a Betsy Johnson watch and not the MAC? Or why take the wallet out of the purse, but leave the Fendi purse? the wii, the TV, the ipod? Which by the way, they sat there and listened to it but left it lying on the floor next to the jar of money. Makes no sense to me.

Now I have to change the keys to the cars because they took all of our keys, hope they don’t steal the remaining cars while we sleep soundly in our beds. At least we got the door locks changed so they can’t come back and get in so easily.

I am tired and need to record several voice overs before heading off to bed and then tomorrow I have a recording session in the morning and Jazz class at night. Somewhere in between I must work on charts for Christmas!!!!

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