Barbara Cook, still amazing at the young age of 85 1/2!

Published: June 23rd, 2013 | Category: Jazz

I was invited by my friend Chaz to come and see the wonderful Barbara Cook the other night at the new Feinsteins       at The Nikko. What amazed me was the clearity of her voice, if I shut my eyes (which I did many times) her voice still rang clear and beautiful as when I saw her years ago in New York with my mother many, many moons ago.  Her comfort and ease while on stage brought in the audience and we all felt like we were sitting in her living room while she wove these stories of her life, her thoughts and humor of her life. And when you look at this stunning woman on stage, I was astonished at just how beautiful she is and how truly young she looks onstage and in person!  I wanted to sit and talk with her for hours on end, this legend of music, theatre, and acting. Gracious and refined at every moment, she took the time to chat with us in the lobby before her assistant whisked her away for the night.

I will be attending again tonight, I want to catch this wonderful performer while I can…there are still tickets left!


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