The Universe Sparkles for Lisa!

It seems the Universe loves Lisa Lindsley. What she sets out to do, she seems to accomplish. Her dream of living in Paris for a year happened in 2013 – 2014. She wanted to record a new album and voila , she made it happen in November of 2014.  She needed new promo pictures and the Universe heard her once again; her new photos sparkle just like she does.

Lisa just returned from a year long stint in Paris France where she sang her heart out at venues like Autour deMidi, Café Universal and the Swan Bar.  She packed the house every night she performed and created quite a following during her year-long stay. The last month she was there she decided on a whim she would like to create another album. Laurent Marode, the talented piano player she began working with, connected her with the well-known Sextant Studio, which only had  2 available days for recording, the last two days she was in Paris.

The recording date set, she knew she needed new pictures and with just days before the recording began, she was walking past the École des Beaux-Arts wall that had  been freshly painted by one of the students. The long vast wall was painted in black with curling designs in white, like a midnight sky with stars.  She told her friend, an amateur photographer, she wanted to have her new photos for the album with the wall as a background.  He pulled out his camera and began shooting.  “I just happen to have on a black and white sweater, black pants and a black leather Escada coat on. The lighting could not have been better as the afternoon sun sifted through the trees and onto Lisa and the black and white background.

Similar to when she recorded her last album with George Mesterhazy, she brought together her favorite musicians in France, Laurent Marode on piano and Mourad Benhammou on drums Her favorite bass player, Jeff Chambers who lives in the Bay Area, just happen to be available to come over and play on the album. The Universe loves Lisa.

In 2 days, less than 12 hours in the studio,  they knocked out 15 songs. Some of the arrangements are by her favorite American pianist, Mike Greensill, the rest are arrangements by Lisa or Laurent.  The album is being mixed and mastered at this very moment while you read this very paragraph.

The Universe has spoken, the magic brought forth  and another moment sparkles in the life of Lisa Lindsley!