Shows and Workshops can be paired together for a complete educational program and are enjoyed by audiences and students from Jr. High through University level. Upcoming workshops will be posted. Private or small group lessons are also available.

Stage Presence for Vocalists Workshop

You’ve got the voice, you’ve got the band, but do you have stage presence? That is more important than all the tea in China…okay, maybe not all the tea in China, but pretty darn important! If you are performing but look like you are a stiff board up on stage…people are not going to come back a second time. However, if you look open and inviting to them and actually bring your audience along on the journey, they will love you and be eagerly awaiting the next time you perform.

Acting for Singers Workshop

When a singer goes on stage they know they will be singing (clearly), but do they think of the acting side of their performance? Acting is important to singing on stage, but when it comes down to it not many singers are able to reach into their arsenal of skills and pull out a good act. When you step on stage you are an actor. You portray the song and it’s emotions, you put your face behind the lyrics, and you tell a story.

In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of stage, and how to bring out your inner actor and show the audience that you are capable of another level or performing.

Storytelling and the Standards Workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to transition from one song to the next through stories and stage banter, this will help you flow from one song to the next and keep your audience engaged. A small story, a short joke or some witty repartee during your performance can make all the difference to draw your audience in and make them remember you for years to come. Learn how to craft a story that will then go smoothly into your next song. We will also work on comfort level on-stage and getting rid of those butterflies that can plague us when we have to speak in front of an audience.

Booking a Workshop

Stage Presence for Vocalist, Acting for Singers and Storytelling and the Standards workshops can be designed for an artist in residence week long program for your school. Perfect for Jr. High through University level.

All workshops can be designed and tailored to fit your needs.
Looking for something like this to be taught at your music school or venue?

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