I Am In Love…In Paris

Yes, I am in love…I have only been with him once but that was enough for me. The way he looked at my face in the mirror while gently running his hands through my hair gave me chills. His face so close to mine as he asked me a multitude […]

Montmartre in winter. I dream of Paris in the snow.

Ah, beautiful Montmartre in winter, this picture is close to where we will be living. Only 12 more days before we depart on our journey, I can’t believe the time has flown by so quickly. Am I prepared to leave in just 12 days? So much to do it sometimes […]

Paris in Winter…and Spring…and Summer…and Fall

Yes! I am headed to the lovely city of Paris and plan on living there for a year to carry out my dream. To sing jazzy music in smoky bars filled with people in splendid clothes daintily sipping excellent wine. As my daughter always tell me, “Hey Momu!” (that’s what […]

Kuumbwa Jazz Center-Nov 8th

One of my favorite venues is Kuumbwa and I have the privilege of performing there on November 8th.  This is a kick off for my tour to Europe featuring my “Blossom Dearie: A Tribute” show, produced by the always amazing Walter Mitchell Productions. I leave Dec 19th and will be […]

Sentimental Journey

Looking forward to a great weekend and wonderful show this Saturday…I was thinking about how much I miss George Mesterhazy as I was looking to edit together another video and I am still looking for that raw and close connection with another piano player, something similar to what George and […]

Barbara Cook, still amazing at the young age of 85 1/2!

I was invited by my friend Chaz to come and see the wonderful Barbara Cook the other night at the new Feinsteins       at The Nikko. What amazed me was the clearity of her voice, if I shut my eyes (which I did many times) her voice still […]


For those of you who have been hiding under a rock, I want to hip you to hitRECord… hitRECord.org is a mass collaborative production company led by its founder, and director, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, known on hitRECord as RegularJOE. Launched in 2005, hitRECord.org has evolved into a thriving communal breeding ground for […]

Blossom Dearie Tribute Show

People keep asking so here you are! A tribute show to Blossom Dearie…The musical director, Michael Hall and I have been working on a musical show about Blossom and her songs along with producer Eileen Savel which will go up in the states sometime in late August or early Sept, […]

Conventions galore!

The Democratic and Republican conventions are over and the Western Arts Alliance is done for the year as well. I didn’t get a chance until now to listen to the speeches, I must say the best orator was hands down, Bill Clinton. A superior speaker and he had the entire […]

Western Arts Alliance and Midwest Arts Conference

Getting all geared up for the WAA this September where I will be promoting myself to bookers and agents for some touring. This is going to be so exciting and it’s been great fun to pull together these great workshops and shows to take on the road. This is a […]