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Gourmand du Chocolat – Museum Monday…yum

They say diamonds are a girls best friend, but I think Chocolate is. My journey with chocolate started when I was a young girl. Every day after school my mother would have something wonderful to eat waiting for us. Usually something chocolate like brownies, fudge, Ding Dongs, See’s candy or […]

Paris in Winter…and Spring…and Summer…and Fall

Yes! I am headed to the lovely city of Paris and plan on living there for a year to carry out my dream. To sing jazzy music in smoky bars filled with people in splendid clothes daintily sipping excellent wine. As my daughter always tell me, “Hey Momu!” (that’s what […]

Shaved Ice

Kelly text-ed me asking if I was coming to Girlfriend coffee this morning in Marin, I replied, “Just flung the children out of the car door and on my way…” She replied, ” U shud at least slow down!” To which I then replied,” They know how to tuck and […]

The Jazz Institute in Berkeley, CA

Exciting news! I have decided to return to school and work my little butt off towards a degree in music. Where will you be attending you may ask? The Jazz Institute in Berkeley, if you didn’t already figure that out by the title. The last two years I have been […]

Pizza and Jazz

Mmmmm..nothing like thin crust, yummy pesto pizza and a jazz trio to make lunch wonderful! The Cheese Board in Berkeley on Shattuck is just the place to go, and I did for lunch today. Working on playing there in the very near future. They have jazz at lunch and dinner, […]

Lobster Singing??

I am watching Julie and Julia- the scene where she has to stuff the lobsters into the large boiling pot, the lid then comes flying off because the guy at the very top, hit the lid with his giant pinching claw. Can you blame him? Would you like to be […]