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For those of you who have been hiding under a rock, I want to hip you to hitRECord… is a mass collaborative production company led by its founder, and director, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, known on hitRECord as RegularJOE. Launched in 2005, has evolved into a thriving communal breeding ground for […]


Workshops! Workshops! Workshop! Coming up at the Jazz School I will be giving a workshop on Stage Presence for Vocalists. You’ve got the voice, you’ve got the band, but do you have stage presence?  That is more important than all the tea in China…okay, maybe not all the tea in […]

Eddie Marshall

Last week the world lost an amazing and talented drummer, Mr. Eddie Marshall. The entire thing feels so very unreal to me. Last year I had the pleasure of working with him every Thursday afternoon, his insight into working with a singer and rhythm was amazing. Eddie was laid back […]

Las Vegas

My first Las Vegas show was this last weekend…It was, how should I put it, painful. That is the only way to say it, painful. Las Vegas is unique in the way that music is everywhere, in the casino’s, in the bars, in the elevator, but it is predominantly loud […]

Life happens…

I vowed that I would blog what happened? Ah yes, life happened and how wonderful is that? The amazing Mike Greensill and I worked on a few charts for my upcoming show, I Like Men at The Rrazz Room. He is one amazing, intuitive musician and if I could […]

The Rrazz Room

The Rrazz Room was a fabulous place to perform, and of course the great musicians always help in that area. Below is a link to a clip from that night! Sometime soon I want to go back and perform at the Rrazz Room…meanwhile I will go and see all the […]

Shaved Ice

Kelly text-ed me asking if I was coming to Girlfriend coffee this morning in Marin, I replied, “Just flung the children out of the car door and on my way…” She replied, ” U shud at least slow down!” To which I then replied,” They know how to tuck and […]


So much going on all over, it is crazy! I have been going back and forth to Las Vegas this last month, partly for a leadership training course to send my life soaring(and it really has)since I started this journey. Next Monday Feb 21st I will be at the Rrazz […]

Savannah Jazz and more blogging in 2011

One of my resolutions for 2011 is to blog more…the rest of my resolutions are simple…Love More. Love myself more, love my kids more and love everything around me more, more appreciation for what comes my way. For the last year I have been meaning to go to Savannah Jazz […]

Concert Prep

Preparation for anything takes time, and this is double for prepping for a concert, especially one where I will not only be singing but also throwing in a bit of comic banter. When I first signed on to do this concert at The Jazz School in Berkeley, CA, I forgot […]