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Eddie Marshall

Last week the world lost an amazing and talented drummer, Mr. Eddie Marshall. The entire thing feels so very unreal to me. Last year I had the pleasure of working with him every Thursday afternoon, his insight into working with a singer and rhythm was amazing. Eddie was laid back […]

Life happens…

I vowed that I would blog what happened? Ah yes, life happened and how wonderful is that? The amazing Mike Greensill and I worked on a few charts for my upcoming show, I Like Men at The Rrazz Room. He is one amazing, intuitive musician and if I could […]

Concert Prep

Preparation for anything takes time, and this is double for prepping for a concert, especially one where I will not only be singing but also throwing in a bit of comic banter. When I first signed on to do this concert at The Jazz School in Berkeley, CA, I forgot […]

Jazz School Concert

Looks like I will be on the roster for performing a concert at the Jazz School on Friday December 3rd! Sweetness o’ life! So many things to do, for instance: I start to master my CD the middle of July, Dave Landon at Whip Records is so busy that is […]

Mastering and a Lazy Afternoon

YIkes, I really need to get back into Whip records and finish those recordings. Everyone has been so patient with me, I really appreciate it. But now, I really want to find the time and money to complete this project and get this album out into the Universe at large. […]

Studio Tracks

I listened to the tracks that we had worked on a few weeks back and I thought, hmmm, better than I thought. The dreaded cold from hell still had its hold on me during the recording process and I was nervous that they would sound awful and I would have […]

Moving a recording studio

Thank goodness yesterday is gone…I moved my life yesterday to new digs, well, old yet new. I moved back to the house I had been in 6 months ago. Nice to be back to a fresh coat of paint and my old recording studio. For those who have moved a […]