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Paris in Winter…and Spring…and Summer…and Fall

Yes! I am headed to the lovely city of Paris and plan on living there for a year to carry out my dream. To sing jazzy music in smoky bars filled with people in splendid clothes daintily sipping excellent wine. As my daughter always tell me, “Hey Momu!” (that’s what […]

Music and Fire

The Crucible in Oakland, CA¬† is putting on this amazing show next week titled, Heat: A Fire Cabaret. At first I was wondering WTF, but then I thought, hey what could be better than Kim Nalley with her sultry vocals and loads of fire. For those who do not know […]

Power of words

Ah, words have such power and most of the time we are unaware of the impact they have on others or ourselves. ‘The Power of the Press’, as my father used to always say, ‘is a powerful tool and we should be cautious in how we use it.’ Forever the […]

Social Networking

Just had a fabulous evening learning all about social networking to promote music. It was at NARIP (National Association of Record Industry Professionals), with some fabulous panelists, Gabe Benveniste, founder of and Corey Denis, founder of Not Shocking. Both speakers were amazing but Corey Denis…really knew her stuff about […]