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Auxerres Jazz Festival

Little is found about this festival in the small town of Auxerres, however, there is music in abundance. There is the scared music in Abbaye de Pontigny from Pentacostal Sunday through September. Then there is the venue I will be performing in The Catinallegra during the Winter Jazz Festival in […]

The Anatomy of a House Concert

I have been switching from big venues to House Concerts lately, at first I wasn’t sure exactly how they would work out, but now that people are signing on, it is quite amazing and deeply fulfilling. With the anatomy of a House Concert, there is an intimacy to holding a […]


Long After Midnight_cover LOW



Long After Midnight

A new album, called Long After Midnight, is coming down the pike and in the next few months will be hitting the streets. Recorded in Paris at the wonderful Sextant Studios, located just outside the southern part of Paris. We spent 2 days, 5 hours each day and recorded 15 […]

Fat Tuesday Goodbye

Today is the beginning of Lent, all the jazzy music of last night, the beads, the drinking, and all the indulgences are over and now the difficult thing begins. Goodbye Fat Tuesday and hello Lent! When I think of Mardi Gras, I think of Jazz and I think of New […]

Route 66 Tour?

This photo of Route 66 Motel is courtesy of TripAdvisor It looks like I will be heading out along the old Route 66 trail this summer. I hope ya’ll can join me in my adventure…stay tuned for more exciting news as it unfolds along the way.