CD Release Concert

Published: March 11th, 2011 | Category: Jazz

I would like to share one of my wonderful gifts from this last week. On Tuesday March 8th I had my CD Release concert at Piedmont Piano in Northern California. It was a fabulous, amazing and all around wonderful event. I packed the house, it was standing room only and as I stood backstage waiting to go on my heart was thumping like crazy. All through the weekend both my piano player, George Mesterhazy and myself had the stomach flu and both of us were wondering if we would be able to perform on Tuesday.

That morning I had two voice over jobs I had to record and then picked up George and flew off to the venue. We did a quick rehearsal with the other two musicians, Fred Randolph on bass and Eddie Marshall on drums. The three of us had never rehearsed before, but one hour later, we were kicking some butt together, it is jazz and very free so easy to do with the amazing musicians I have.

As we all stepped out on the stage all the fear melted away as I looking into the audience of smiling faces. Jordon and Mark were in the middle glowing from head to toe, Kelly Benstead, my angel was there with her daughter Delaney, who later got to jam with my Grammy nominated pianist George Mesterhazy. I was surrounded with friends and loved ones and the energy was pulsing throughout the house.

We all kicked some ass that night and I realized how in the last while here, because I had connected or re-connected with so many people, they were there to support me and lift me high. They saw what I had accomplished and what is possible.

I proudly wore my contract around my neck for all to see because I am an Open Passionate Trustworthy Woman.

Thank you to all of you for being there for each other and playing the good game of life!

XO to all – Lisa Lindsley

Oh yeah, you can buy my CD now on iTunes, CD baby and Amazon. Woo Hoo!

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