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Published: January 12th, 2011 | Category: death, dreams, News, parents, Relationships, social networking

So, these are things that I don’t understand: I am reading my friends posts on facebook and he lost a friend to breast cancer today, someone who has a 9 year old. On the other spectrum, he knows someone who is a junkie and does not care about what life has to offer, but he is in fine shape without a care in the world.

Where is the justice in that? Does it make someone who believes in God doubt that he even exists? Or maybe its to make you stronger and build your belief…either way, I don’t get it, I don’t get the injustice in the world…where do we all fit in.  There are moments when I look at all that is created around me and think, “There must be a God. This is so beautiful and peaceful and wonderful…just the miracle of birthing a child is, in itself, an amazing thing.”

Then something horrible happens and I reel in the horror of it all and think there cannot possibly be an almighty God who allows that to happen.

Ok, enough of this…I have been feeling weird since that dream of my father I posted a few days ago…actually filled with dread that something awful was going to happen and it freaks me out to have this feeling…then my youngest daughter said she felt it too.  Maybe just life in general is throwing us a curve ball…hmmmm, baseball, Giants…that makes me smile to think about that…how did I get from one to the other…who knows…I am off to sleep and pleasant dreams.

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