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Dreams are strange sometimes, they can leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy, or they jolt you awake and leave you with a feeling of dread. That is what my dream last night did to me.

It started off, as most dreams do, weird and not quite normal compared to how things operate in our everyday lives. I was at a wedding, not sure if it was mine or someone else s, and I was pregnant. Two things I am pretty darn sure aren’t going to happen again for me…Everyone was standing around posing for pictures with each other, laughing and having a wonderful time. All of this was in slow motion, very movie like, when all of a sudden I see my Aunt Ruth and I know she is sitting with Uncle Bud, but you don’t ever see him or even a part of him, but you know he is sitting right next to her.

I look around to see where my friends went to, I though we were taking a group picture but my friends had disappeared all of a sudden in the crowd. As I move forward towards Aunt Ruth, she is suddenly not where I last saw her, so I begin to push through the people to reach where she once was. The crowd parts and there sitting on the sofa is my dear departed father laying half on and half off the sofa, legs elongated out in front of him. He was a tall man, 6’3″, skinny and fit and handsome as all get out. But he looks different here, still tall and handsome but looking a bit stretched and not himself. When I say stretched, I don’t mean in a long sense, I mean like when Bilbo Baggins says to Gandalf before he leaves the shire and gives up the ring on his 111 birthday, “I feel stretched and thin…”

I am astounded to find my father alive and he smiles at me – I ask how this is possible and he tells me to not ask, it just is. I then want to know what it is like to be dead. His reply is simply, “It’s wonderful!”

They say if someone who is dead appears to you they are sending you a message…trying to tell you something, give you information you might need to continue on or change. I ponder what that cryptic message might be.

I confess, I have thought of my father and mother of late…I have my debut album coming out and wish they were here to see and experience all of this…my father would have so loved this music I sing and, at moments, brings me to tears thinking of him and how his love of music so influenced me and actually brought me to this new part of my life…

What was he trying to tell me…?

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