Filming on Route 66

Published: May 24th, 2014 | Category: Route 66

So, here I am gearing up for the Route 66 tour and it looks like Ted Setla with Setla Films will be going along with us on this journey to film our adventures and possibly turn it into a web reality series. Part of me says, “This is awesome!” and part of me comments,”Oh dear, what have I gotten myself into?”

A few years ago my family had been asked if we would be interested in doing a reality show. I said an adamant no! Mostly because my children were small and I did not want them exposed to all that happens when you are suddenly thrust into the spotlight. No more privacy, everyone knows who you are. Which may be great for some people, but I tend to be more private, especially when it comes to my children.

However, in this particular instance, I think it would be awesome to promote music and the Route 66 preservation of such an amazing slice of American highway history.


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