France Underwater?

I just returned from France where I performed and sang my little heart out for several CD release concerts for Long After Midnight. In case you haven’t heard, it the new album that I recorded in Paris about a year ago and now it’s out… but I digress, I seem to have left at a fortuitous time as Paris seems to be drowning in too much water. The banks of the Seine are crying water up onto the charming places you probably have walked if you have ever visited. I saw a post where 3 men were swimming along the banks of the river with rubber caps and goggles on. Kinda of charming in an interesting way.

But even with the water, I wish I was there once again eating lunch with friends and singing with those oh so wonderful musicians. On June 12th they will be here for the local CD Release and staying with me, how lucky am I? I’ll keep you posted.

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