Published: August 13th, 2010 | Category: News

What a day yesterday was, I was hacked by some scumbag! They got in through my FaceBook account and then into my e-mail sending out e-mails to everyone I knew stating I was in Wales, my family had been mugged and I needed money to come home.

Here is what struck me: If this person took all the energy they put into doing this scam into something creative and worthwhile, they could have a fantastic business and make much more money than trying to scam people by e-mailing them.

Most everybody on my list figured out it was not me, many called to see if indeed I might have been through such an ordeal. For the most part people were aware of such scams and ignored them, wrote back telling them they were busted or called me. Geez, I hope no one sent money to them….cyber world you can sometimes really suck.

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