The Anatomy of a House Concert

Published: July 8th, 2016 | Category: Uncategorized

I have been switching from big venues to House Concerts lately, at first I wasn’t sure exactly how they would work out, but now that people are signing on, it is quite amazing and deeply fulfilling.

With the anatomy of a House Concert, there is an intimacy to holding a concert in your home and inviting family and friends. Some people are more open than others about holding a private concert.  It is always the fear of the unknown that might stop people from venturing out into unknown territory; going out on a limb to create something new. So thank you to those who have crawled out to the end of the limb and given me your trust and holding a concert in your home.

I like to see the beaming faces of the hosts at the end of the night as they say goodnight to their friends. They are on fire and glowing from within, in fact, they might have had more fun than those of us on stage. All the people leaving are glowing as well because they have just experienced an amazing moment in their life, they also climbed out onto the limb with the host and trusted them that it would be an amazing experience.

So, if you are thinking it is too much work or saying things like, “Next time I will do it.” Just go ahead and shimmy up that tree of life and make your way out on the limb. I think you will be glad you did.



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