In Paris chapter 1

Published: January 1st, 2010 | Category: Jazz, Music, News, Singing

Ahhhh, I arrived in Paris yesterday after bouncing from airplane to airplane beginning in San Francisco to Charlotte North Carolina then onto Philadelphia, which had a three hour layover, then I boarded the plane to Paris.

Every time I travel use the book, Overcoming Jet Lag, which clicks your body into the time zone you are headed towards.  Three days before you leave you start off with high protein breakfast and lunch then carbs for dinner. No stimulants are allowed except between 3 and 4:30 in the afternoon. The day of the flight you only eat the high protein breakfast and lunch, but then you re-set your watch to destination time and go to sleep as soon as you can. After that wonderful and most comfortable of rides in economy class, squished in-between two burly men, sitting nearly straight up for 6 and one half hours, you rise on destination time, wishing I had been able to sleep as well as the guy from New Jersey slept.  Immediately upon rising, you drink two to three cups of strong  coffee, or in my case a whole lotta chocolate to get that morning buzz. I just couldn’t drink the airline coffee, especially knowing I was about to land in France, the best cafe creme in the world.

I found my way to the RER,  it’s like the BART but  bigger with less stops. The Metro that runs all over Paris is like BART but with more stops and frequency.  The RER took me to Gare du Nord train station and I took the Metro to Jacques Bonseagent where I wandered around till I found the hotel that the wonderful Jean Luc and Kri-Kri had made reservations for me for the next few days. Then it was off the the Cafe Magenta for a cafe creme, pure heaven and a bazillion calories.

The owner of Cafe Magenta, Kiki,  knew who I was, not many American’s in this part of Paris. Kiki is Algerian and speaks English very well. Anyway, he knew Jean Luc and Kri-Kri were waiting for me, I have never met Jean Luc, his wife Kri-Kri, their son Leo or Kiki for that matter, but they opened their arms to me and made me feel like I was part of the family. Gotta love the Europeans for that. I only know them through another friend in SF.

Last night they took me out to dinner at a Couscous place for dinner….yum! When Jean Luc asked me if I wanted to eat at My Big Cock I paused a moment and then said, excuse moi?   It actually is spelled Ma Bicoch, which is a slang term for my house and it sounds more like my peacock when you say it, but hey, I had been up for a long time.

Good food, wonderful people. Today I went to Sacre Cour, Saint Michelle, and wandered around the Republique area shopping.  Lots of 50% off, but still expensive with the exchange rate. Bought a coat that is a tad bit lighter than the one I brought. Jean Luc said it was cold bring warm coats and gloves, of course it is not warmer and raining.

Tonight I might be singing at a local piano bar Kiki knows about. Makes me nervous to go there, can’t speak the language, don’t know the musciains. What if they can’t read the charts I so meticulously printed out before I left????

This will separate the men from the boys, or in my case the women from the girls. Hmmm, just doesn’t sound right does it? Anyone have a suggestion for that one? Dogs from the cats? Mice from the men? Stars from the planets?

I am out of here to go eat some dinner wit Kri-Kri.

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