In Paris, Chapter 2

Published: January 1st, 2010 | Category: Jazz, Jokes, Music, News, Singing
Champs Elysees

Champs Elysees

Well….as it turned out I was not able to sing the other night, the Parisians are fairly laid back and because I am at the mercy of  all these people I don’t really know, all these wonderful new friends like to sit around and chat, drink either coffee or wine, which is very fabulous by the way. Anyway, when  we left the Cafe Magenta it was already midnight. Out the door, grab a taxi, pile into the back, and off we go…but by the time we get there, closed! What?! Closed? Not just closed for the night, closed for good. Their whole philosophy of these new friends- C’est la vie! Which I realize I have needed to do embrace this whole trip not just the other night. Case in point was New Years….

Now on to my New Year in Paris story. Went out to dinner at a nice restaurant, salad, escargot and a sausage, which tasted like a barnyard! Oh Julia Child, you would never have made something like this! I did not eat it and was afraid the chef might emerge out of his neatly set up kitchen yelling at me, just like the time I was in Paris with my husband and got yelled at by the chef for wanting to change the dish, more on that story later. But alas, no yelling chef, just the waiter giving me a check, too busy on a New Years eve to tell the chef the American doesn’t like your fabulous meal.

I came back to Relais Magenta to meet everyone around 9:30. We were going to head on over to the Eiffel Tower to watch the fireworks, the tower light up,  experience the energy of all the people etc. They close off  the Champs Elysees for New Years and it is a mad house, all of Paris comes out to celebrate.  Jean Luc brought his 4 year old Leo to Relias Magenta(and why is this child up every night till the wee hours?)but I played with Leo on my i-pod touch, drank some wine. The time kind of got away from me and before I knew it, it was 11:30. Ahhhhhh, I wanted to go but they needed to take Leo home first, off they went and I waited for their return. 11:45 we are out the door to find a taxi and off the to Tower Eiffel. There were so many cars we could only get so far before we told the taxi driver to let us off as close as he could get. Off go the fireworks and it is New Years eve in Paris and we are blocks away from the tower. Oh well, Bon Anne everyone is shouting and popping champagne corks. Some have blankets and glasses to clink, others are drinking straight from the bottles.

We all walked toward the tower with the rest of the people pushing their way in that direction,  got close to the tower but it was to far away to really experience the full force of the celebration. As the excitement wore on, off the the Champs Elysees we trekked. Beautiful, lights everywhere and people, non-stop people everywhere! Standing in the middle you can look to the right and see the Place de la Concorde and to the left you see the Arc de Triumphe, all lit up for the celebration fo the holidays.

Finally got home around 5:00, couldn’t find a taxi and the Metro was crazy with so many people pushing and cramming their way onto the Metro cars, it was scary and a bit claustrophobic. Slept until 11:30 and I have spent the day at Relias Magenta. Kind of a waste of a day, but hey, it was wonderful anyway. Tonight, I will cook dinner for Kri-Kri, Jean Luc and Leo. They have been so wonderful to me, just like I am family. Love Europe and France for that!!

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