James Taylor and Carole King

Published: July 20th, 2010 | Category: Jokes, Music, News, Relationships, Singing

Tonight was an evening I was glad I did not miss, two incredible musicians performing together on stage, just like the old days of The Troubadore.

The concert took almost everyone in attendanceĀ  on a trip down memory lane, people around me talked about how old they were when Tapestry came out or when they first heard the adorable lyrics of Sweet Baby James. And yes, those things went through my head as well, but the one thing that really stood out for me was Carole Kings voice! Here is this beautiful woman on stage at the age of 68, dancing and singing. She clearly has taken very good care of her voice through the years and it still rings out loud and clear.

All the songs that you wanted to hear were included and Mr. Taylor spoke with a wonderful sense of humor about everything from his bass player to Oakland picking a blues song for them to perform. And the chemistry between the two dear friends was evident as they performed song after song, trading back and forth.

The audience was warm and appreciative, and the majority were in their 50’s -70’s. It seemed every time I turned around I thought I was seeing Carole King walk by with her gorgeous wavy hair of grey…but alas, it was just another audience member strolling past.

All in all an evening I will not soon forget…

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