Japan tour and singing

Published: March 18th, 2011 | Category: Jazz, Jazz Clubs, Music, Music booking, News, Relationships, Singing

A few weeks ago I flew to Las Vegas and auditioned for a tour to Japan, the experience was an interesting one,  I made a few friends and made contact with several people. All in all it was fabulous and I enjoyed singing and hanging with some really nice musicians and vocalists.

After each one of us sang, some of us were invited over to have a chat with the owner of the club who was booking the tour. I sang The Nearness of You and was told that I did not sing loud enough or have enough energy. I was confused and thought he was looking for jazz singers, but it turned out he has changed the direction of his club and is now headed towards R&B….ah, now those comments make sense to me.

Needless to say he told me he was not interested in having me tour at this time. Three of the singers were picked and they all headed to Japan two weeks ago.  As of this writing they have not been heard from, however they were headed to Kyoto in the south central portion of Japan which had no damage from the Earthquake. I hope they are safe and sound and can continue the tour and then return safe to America.

It is interesting to think how things work out, if I had been picked to go I would have been in Japan, away from my family during the disaster, they would be worried and helpless in finding out where I was and how to contact me.

Life is strange and you never know what will happen and where you will end up, where will life take you and how much control do we really have over what happens? Just a few thoughts to ponder on the Friday morning…

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