Jazz School Concert

Looks like I will be on the roster for performing a concert at the Jazz School on Friday December 3rd! Sweetness o’ life!

So many things to do, for instance:

I start to master my CD the middle of July, Dave Landon at Whip Records is so busy that is the first time he can get me in. Need to then do all the Harry Fox mechanical licensing for all the songs, cover design, name of album, colors for printing, type of packaging….Yikes!

I need to plan a CD release party when George Mesterhazy is in town, that will be in October.

I need to plan this concert at the Jazz School, good for also selling the CD.

I need to work on charts, and music, music, music. Did I mention music?

And I start back to school at The Jazz Institute in September.

What should I do with my concert in December, holiday music is out. Comedy perhaps? Songs with a comic message, I Want to Be Evil, Lemon Twist, Ballad of Thelonius Monk or maybe Everything I’ve Got.

Need to think on this one…hmmmm.

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