Long After Midnight made Top 5 on the CMJ charts

Published: November 28th, 2016 | Category: Jazz, Music, News, Singing, social networking

What is it about LAM?

Is it the sensuous light voice or the sweet brushing on the drums? The melodic piano or driving bass? Probably all the above is why our album, Long After Midnight not only made the CMJ charts this week, but made the top 5 and on 2 stations we are in 2nd place.

jazz-spinsWe decided to start a radio campaign to promote our album (yes I called it an album not a CD) and last week being our first week out, we got some fabulous airplay. The album is also being played on Indie 104 in Covina, CA – KQCR in Hampton, Iowa – WKNY in Kingston, NY. So many stations have added Long After Midnight to the rotation, they will begin spinning it this coming week! 

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