Mastering and a Lazy Afternoon

Published: May 12th, 2010 | Category: Jazz, Music, News, Recording booth, recording studio, Singing

YIkes, I really need to get back into Whip records and finish those recordings. Everyone has been so patient with me, I really appreciate it. But now, I really want to find the time and money to complete this project and get this album out into the Universe at large. Listening to George Mesterhazy on the piano makes me yearn for more of this fantastic piano player I recorded with.

Is there a Sugar Daddy in the house? Just kidding…maybe.

I was listening to Laurie Antonioli’s album with George Cables called Soul Eyes, love her Lazy Afternoon. There is this wonderful space between her voice and the piano that grabs your soul and makes you want to put that piece of straw in your mouth, lay down in the hammock, sit real still, and watch the clouds hang over the hills. Both of them capture the stillness of the song in a way that touches an emotional chord. Beautiful.

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