Montmartre in winter. I dream of Paris in the snow.

Published: December 7th, 2013 | Category: dreams, Jazz, Music, Music booking, News, Relationships, Singing, songwriting

Ah, beautiful Montmartre in winter, this picture is close to where we will be living. Only 12 more days before we depart on our journey, I can’t believe the time has flown by so quickly. Am I prepared to leave in just 12 days? So much to do it sometimes is overwhelming and I feel I can’t move forward and just have the need to sit and stare into our backyard. The lawn was just mowed (the joys of living in sunny California) and prepared for it’s winter rest.

The house nearly packed up, the clothes selected, ready to be rolled tightly and placed in their spot inside the bag while the rest have been packed away and in storage. International phones ordered awaiting their arrival with little sim cards wanting to be inserted into the appointed slot…I get a new international phone number. Appointments with all the usual Dr’s almost complete, dentist next week, oh, and international health insurance done as well.

You know, there is a hell of a lot to handle when going overseas for an extended period.

Okay, no more staring into the empty vegetable garden, I will go organize my music, how much do I take with me? How many books of Irving Berlin, Rogers and Hart, Gershwin, and all the others? My bag will weigh more than it is suppose to and they will charge me an exorbitant amount. Maybe shipping would be better and just take the core music with me…that’s what I’ll do.

I could go on and on but…I’m going to get to work now.



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