Oscar Night

Published: February 27th, 2011 | Category: Jazz

Watching the Oscars tonight…I must say, I do miss the days of Billy Crystal. This years hosts are find, but you really need to timing and work of a comedian to pull off the ultimate Oscar hosting event.

That being said, there is something magical about the night of honoring our wonderful actors, even if many of the nominees are Australian. Isn’t that what American is all about, people coming to our shores and becoming anything they want to be, actor, business person, dream maker or musician. We are gracious with our arms open and accepting of anyone who will contribute.

Back to the Oscars…my vote for Best Picture is The Kings Speech! Wonderful, amazing actors and beautiful sets created the right mood to carry us through the story and I ended with tears in my eyes just seeing what the King struggled with and then accomplished with hard work and determination…

Yum…and now back to the show.

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