Paris in Winter…and Spring…and Summer…and Fall

Published: November 26th, 2013 | Category: Cooking, dreams, Jazz, Jazz Clubs, Music, Music booking, News, Relationships, Singing, social networking, Twitter

That will be me in a month

Yes! I am headed to the lovely city of Paris and plan on living there for a year to carry out my dream. To sing jazzy music in smoky bars filled with people in splendid clothes daintily sipping excellent wine.

As my daughter always tell me, “Hey Momu!” (that’s what she calls me) “You need to blog more, you have fun stories and experiences and you are adventurous and people need to know that about you.”

I know she is correct in her assessment of me and therefore I am ready and willing to blog! To Tweet! To Facebook!  To Pintrest! To conquer my fears of social media! I shall blog about Paris and my thoughts and feelings, my music. (Geez, because no one has ever done that before!) So, I need your help in how to make this different and fun and names and topics and food and people and strange places to see and weird things to do…

Send me  ideas of things you want to read about and I shall do it! Let’s make it fun, give me a dare to do something off the wall whilst I am abroad and I will pull off the prank or do the deed, or least make my children do it!

We leave the 20th of December 2013 for an Adventure in Life…that sounds so epic I want to be a part of that…oh wait, ha! I am.

Ready? Okay, here we go!

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