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Published: February 14th, 2010 | Category: Jazz, Jazz Clubs, Jokes, Music, News, Relationships, Singing, social networking, Twitter, Voice Over

Ah, words have such power and most of the time we are unaware of the impact they have on others or ourselves. ‘The Power of the Press’, as my father used to always say, ‘is a powerful tool and we should be cautious in how we use it.’ Forever the newspaper man who always fought against sensationalism in journalism. He is rolling over in his grave with every People magazine that hits the press.

We are all guilty of accidentally saying the wrong thing, yet not meaning to hurt someones feelings. Or even in this day and age of tweets, Facebook, MySpace, E-mail, and blogging, we can be misunderstood by others and create hurt feelings. Does part of this come from writing a short note instead of the long, languid letters of old? Perhaps. Does it come from not enough time in the day, so our notes or e-mails are dashed off quickly and in haste? Maybe. Could it be because of our new “Social Networking” that we no longer are able to communicate verbally and don’t really know each other in the old one-on-one contact that we use to have? Ah, verbal communication, that means actually talking to one another.

Do we socialize differently now? In our age of movies and TV, we spend less time talking and more time trying to be entertained? And yet in our need of entertainment, many live music clubs and live theatres are closing and more non-interactive movie theatres are popping up. Hmmmm, one must ponder this interesting fact.

Less live music
Less live theatre
More TV stations
More Movies

Do people still discuss, after their entertainment experience, of the dynamics of the piece they just witnessed? Were the actors or musicians right on their mark? Good, bad, mediocre, talented etc, etc.

I think I have lost the ability to remark intelligently on such matters. I have never been one to discuss political issues in depth, not my thing. It should be, but it’s not. Do I prefer to sit with a good book and do I miss my old book club? Yes!! We talked, dissected and mused on the books we read. One of our group would read everything with midgets in it. (sorry if I offend) But I really have been missing that.

I had a lovely lunch with a friend this last week, and I adored every moment of the experience, she was witty and we exchanged our thoughts and what each of us were doing with our lives…it was fabulous! Perhaps I talked a bit too much about myself, but I am trying to get back in the swing of the “talk” thing.

Since moving from our house in Marin several years ago, I lost the old friends and have been so busy with kids and a new career and home school, I think I lost the ability to really communicate in-depth! How shocking of me! Because I sing music, it is as if I am communicating all the time, but it is a lonely communication of only emotion towards the audience. Or I sit in front of a microphone in my recording booth, recording voice over, I feel like I am communicating. So, here is one more thing to put on my list of ways to improve myself.

Note to self: work on communication skills, face to face, with other humans.

The discussion – maybe it will become a lost art, but I am rambling…Oh wait, maybe that’s a good thing-

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