Everytime We Say Goodbye


George Mesterhazy's masterful piano, is pure passion and bliss transporting you to a place of simple pleasure. Lisa Lindsley's voice produces a light fresh sound… A fine roll of silk, filled with colors, light and compassion

Genre: Jazz: Jazz Vocals
Release Date: 2011

Product Description

In our hectic busy world we don’t take the time to listen and relax – to enjoy a moment of stillness between the lines. Everytime we Say Goodbye is reminiscent of that brief moment before you say goodbye holding onto the sweetness of a lover before they leave us.

George Mesterhazy said to me one beautiful day in March, “What are you doing this Saturday?” To which I replied, “Nothing.” “You find a studio with a Steinway and let’s record an album!” And that we did!

Without any rehearsal or even knowing what songs we would record, we trekked into Whip Records dragging the amazing acoustic bass player Fred Randolph along with us. The 2 days that followed were spent creating pure passion. To me music is passion in it’s most raw form; it strikes an emotional response deep within our very soul, reminding us of our past, our deepest hopes and our most fanciful dreams.

Most of the songs were done in one or two takes with very little mixing done, a true jazz album. It is indeed pure passion, and bliss transporting you to a place of simple pleasures.

As a singer you are always trying to find your voice, I believe I found it on this album with the help of George Mesterhazy. Between the three of us, magic happened those 2 days in the recording studio.


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