Singing Contest

Published: November 3rd, 2009 | Category: Jazz, Jokes, Music, News

Here I am down in Mexico, working on charts, hanging at the beach while basking in the glow of what is uniquely Latin and…my kids ask me to sing in a Karoke contest at the resort.  So I sing in the contest and I win, I win a free para sailing afternoon. The previous day my youngest daughter won the limbo contest. She is a contortionist, with Splash Circus Theatre, okay she is taking a break right now, but she is one hell of a bendy child.

It started like this, she wanted to take a circus class and I thought why not, exercise is great! Two weeks later the teacher says to me,”Do you know your daughter is very unique? She can do something only 1 in 5,000 humans can do, she is a contortionist.”

What the heck? So here started her career as a circus freak….not really, just a very bendy person who loves to perform. And why not?  Everyone has a talent, sometimes those talents are not recognized and we spend our whole life never knowing why we are here and what are talent is.

I home school my children and so they have been lucky enough to experience anything there little hearts desire (daddy is not so happy about this) and so have found what they love and what they are good at.  Yeah for them I say! Yeah!

Now I am off to bed, or perhaps I shall take that one last walk on the beach before I go to bed, the moon is full and I feel the witchy magic of the night upon me…..

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