Singing in Paris??

Published: November 25th, 2009 | Category: Jazz, Music, News, Singing

I decided to go to see my friends newly born baby in England after Christmas. I search and search for an airline ticket that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, they say $750 but after they add tax and all the other stuff, it is actually $1100.

Voila! I found one for only $588 round trip, but it is to Paris. Why not I say to myself, a cheap ticket to Paris and I can hop the Eurostar to Ebbsfleet station near my friends house in Kent. It only takes two hours from Paris to Ebbsfleet, less than the airport ride from Heathrow to the Isle of Sheppey, and I get to play in Paris for a day or two!!!

Why not take my charts with me and try to sit in with those fabulous European Jazz musicians? So, if anyone knows some great places in either Paris or London that would do that let me know…if not , you know I will find them by myself, I am just that way.

It will be great to spend the New Years across the pond with old friends and new, I raise a pint to you (make that Guinness please) and a good glass of wine as well.

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