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Published: April 9th, 2010 | Category: News, Relationships

If you have something to say, should you say it? Just because you want to get it off your chest, should you actually say it? What if you think it will change the person’s life, but is hurtful? Should you always tell the truth???

Hmmmm, things to ponder on this sunny, beautiful San Fransisco day in spring. I read this article in Psychology Today about a man who always told the truth. He felt we are nice to people and don’t really tell them what we think or feel, God forbid we should hurt another persons feelings by telling the truth or expressing what we really feel. Because of this he has lost jobs, friends and family. Yet the people who are his extended family, the ones who except him and his honesty, are true to the bone friends.

How many times have you said something that later on you thought, ” I should have kept my opinions to myself, now this person will not talk to me.”

Well, I say, if you have something to say, maybe you should say it, if you lose a family member or a friend…then so be it. Ah, but it is not that cut and dried now is it! What if you have very few family members to begin with and if you alienate one, your family is now decreased to almost nothing.

This bring me to another point: Just because they are your family and you love them, does not mean you really like them. Maybe if they were not part of your family and you met them, say at work, you would never be friends with them. There are a few in my family that I feel that way about, but only a few. Sometimes there are people I know that I feel that way about too, but you can’t avoid them.

In the world today, we have moved away from family to spread our wings in other realms of the world. I find that extended family is sometimes more excepting than close blood lines, but I would not give up my large family of the Glasmann clan if you paid me a million dollars. I love em, they are fabulous, warm, embracing and love me just the way I am. We recently lost the head of our family, Jay Glasmann. We all met and talked, reminiscent and laughed. Death can sometimes do that, make you laugh. it’s a release of the hurt and pain you feel in the gut of your stomach. The pain does go away eventually, and just the warm fuzzy memories bubble to the surface and you smile, thinking of the wonderful times you had together. We miss you Jay!

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