Tadd Dameron/Hot House

Published: September 1st, 2010 | Category: News

Tadd Dameron wrote some truly fabulous music, one of my favorites, he and lyricist Carl Sigman wrote “If You Could See Me Now” for Sarah Vaughan and it became one of her first signature songs. Of course I love Sarah, we share the same birthday, but also she was amazing!

He also penned, Ladybird, You’re a Joy, Our Delight and on a Misty Night. As I look for information about him not much comes up and quite a bit is conflicting information, for instance, how many children he had. Some say none and others say he had three. As many of that era, he had a drug problem and actually spent time at the Penitentiary in Lexington, KY. He died of cancer at age 48, so young.

I always think about those who were so very talented and yet died at a young age, what could they have created if they had lived 20-30 more years???

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