Auxerres Jazz Festival

Little is found about this festival in the small town of Auxerres, however, there is music in abundance. There is the scared music in Abbaye de Pontigny from Pentacostal Sunday through September. Then there is the venue I will be performing in The Catinallegra during the Winter Jazz Festival in […]

France Underwater?

I just returned from France where I performed and sang my little heart out for several CD release concerts for Long After Midnight. In case you haven’t heard, it the new album that I recorded in Paris about a year ago and now it’s out… but I digress, I seem […]

New Album

Almost everything is recorded, there are a few re-do’s that I would like to take care of over here in the USA. But aside from that, I just have to work on the mixing and mastering. Oh yeah, but first Sextant Studio has to send me all the tracks from […]

Gourmand du Chocolat – Museum Monday…yum

They say diamonds are a girls best friend, but I think Chocolate is. My journey with chocolate started when I was a young girl. Every day after school my mother would have something wonderful to eat waiting for us. Usually something chocolate like brownies, fudge, Ding Dongs, See’s candy or […]

Hmm, let me think for a moment, while I’m nude!

If any of you have been to the Palace of the The Legion of Honor in San Francisco, you know you are greeted by one of Rodan’s most famous works of art: The Thinker. The museum has about 70 works of Rodan’s and it is always one of my favorite […]

Montmartre in winter. I dream of Paris in the snow.

Ah, beautiful Montmartre in winter, this picture is close to where we will be living. Only 12 more days before we depart on our journey, I can’t believe the time has flown by so quickly. Am I prepared to leave in just 12 days? So much to do it sometimes […]

Paris in Winter…and Spring…and Summer…and Fall

Yes! I am headed to the lovely city of Paris and plan on living there for a year to carry out my dream. To sing jazzy music in smoky bars filled with people in splendid clothes daintily sipping excellent wine. As my daughter always tell me, “Hey Momu!” (that’s what […]