The Jazz Institute in Berkeley, CA

Published: June 10th, 2010 | Category: Cooking, Jazz, Jazz Clubs, Music, Music booking, News, Relationships, Singing

Exciting news! I have decided to return to school and work my little butt off towards a degree in music. Where will you be attending you may ask? The Jazz Institute in Berkeley, if you didn’t already figure that out by the title. The last two years I have been taking classes through the Jazz School in Berkeley and have been really impressed with the quality and wonderful way they present and implement the classes. If you want to check out the school here is a link:

I went in yesterday and had a wonderful chat with the beautiful and amazing Susan Muscarella, Executive Director of the Jazz School and the Executive Director and Founder of the Jazz Institute. What an amazing woman she is, to take this wonderful and creative idea and build a school from the ground up into this budding creative center for Jazz in Berkeley.

The other person who has been instrumental in this endeavor is the talented and fabulous singer/instructor Lauri Antonioli. She fast becoming one of my favorite people and has been a great mentor to me and encouraged me on this great journey. And she likes my cheesecake, the kind you eat. I brought it over to her house this week as my contribution to the pot luck. Gone, every crumb of it. And I loved her red beans and rice…wow, I am sooooo hungry right now.

I am off to organize charts for tonight’s gig with the wonderful Walter Bankovitch on piano and fabulous Clinton Day on bass.

PS – In my last post I misspelled the Berklee school of music – Sorry!

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