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Published: October 27th, 2009 | Category: Jazz, Music, News, Singing

I love the Jazzschool! Plain and simple, it is one of the most embracing places I know of. For those of you who do not know of the Jazzschool let me fill you in about this wonderful place.

It was formed in 1997…well let me just copy and paste their schpeal about themselves..they say it much more eloquent than I could:

Hailed as one of the most comprehensive schools for jazz in the country, the Jazzschool offers instrumentalists and vocalists of all ages and levels a broad spectrum of performance and lecture classes, short-term workshops and private instruction. Classes are designed for the professional musician, the serious student and the jazz aficionado
seeking greater personal enrichment. The Jazzschool’s Book and Record store, serves as a unique resource for first-rate reading and listening materials and provides students, teachers, and the public with supplemental jazz course materials, out-of-the-ordinary books, recordings, videos and music-related accessories.

Right now I am taking a scatting class and learning so much I end up walking out with a huge smile on my face.

In fact, I think I will go practice some of the things that Laurie taught in class tonight – ciao

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