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Old friends and acquaintances are so wonderful to chat with. Last night I was at a friends 50th birthday party in Marin County, my old stompin’ ground, and thoroughly enjoyed myself! Even though I only moved 30 miles away, everyone is busy with life and what use to be an easy trek down the road to have coffee or lunch, becomes a task of trying to meet. First you have to schedule it, then where shall we meet, what time works for you, how long do you have and finally the actual get together.

I understand that, I can relate to the scheduling and blocking off of time. This is my daily life. When we play our music, we must block off time for rehearsal, where is the gig, what time should we meet, how long is the gig and then the actual gig itself. Time. Not enough of it for us busy people, in our busy lives, with our busy children and busy careers. I want the Harry Potter time stopper that Hermoine possessed. How fabulous would that be? I would get so much done!!!

Time is so elusive and puzzles me when I think of it. Who invented it anyway? Okay, not time but the keeping of time. First there was the sundial, then the Egyptians invented the Water Clock, then a German, Peter Henlein, invented the Spring powered clock in 1510, or as we know it the pendulum clock. That’s just cuckoo! Then in 1884, delegates from 25 different countries met and agreed on a way of dividing up the world into time zones.

Songs with the word time in them; Time in a bottle, Time Warp, Time After Time, Time(Pink Floyd), Hammer Time, Let the Good Times Roll, Time on my Side, Time of My Life.

Now replace the word Time with the word Crime…I just love to do that.

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