Vocal Cord Rehab

Published: February 26th, 2015 | Category: Singing

Most of us think very little of our vocal cords or vocal health. But the last month has been a challenge for me and my vocal cords, throat and lungs.  I came down with a nasty lung infection and over the course of the first weeks of illness, I lost my voice and injured my throat and vocal cords. The weeks following that have been one heck of a challenge to rehab my voice so I can sing again and record voice over.

I worked with an amazing vocal coach by the name of Scarlett Hepworth who through her incredible knowledge of music, vocals

Anatomy of your vocal cords

Anatomy of your vocal cords

and anatomy, (see the picture of your vocal cords, who knew they were buried within all that stuff in your neck)has helped me on the road to recovery.

When you are in the daily workforce of life, being sick means perhaps you lose a day of work; you probably drive to your place of employment and don’t think about working while you are ill, coughing, stuffy nose and losing your voice.

If you are a vocalist or voice over artist, you cannot work until it is cleared up, gone, finished and generally cleared up. So here you see my dilemma, I have not worked until recently and I am now just getting the vocal cords back in shape to sing next week.

What I learned:

-Don’t whisper if you lose your voice, it makes it worse

-Drink a butt load of water

-Rest or at least a solid 8 hours of sleep a night

-Don’t exercise if you have a lung infection

-Slowly rehab your voice and don’t strain it in any way

There are many other small things you can do, but just remember that all those small things lead to one big helping of healing your voice. Thank goodness I am on the mend!

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