Western Arts Alliance and Midwest Arts Conference

Published: July 12th, 2012 | Category: Jazz, Jazz Clubs, Music, Music booking, News, Relationships, social networking

Getting all geared up for the WAA this September where I will be promoting myself to bookers and agents for some touring. This is going to be so exciting and it’s been great fun to pull together these great workshops and shows to take on the road. This is a whole new world as far as promoting myself to the world. I have Pamela Rose to thanks for getting me all linked in with the WAA and the MAC, and Clinton Day did a great job  doing the Promo ad you see at left as well as other promotional stuff.  Thank you to both of you!

I also decided, since I have put all this promotional stuff together, why not  go to the Midwest Arts Conference the week after I am in Denver?  It’s scary stuff, I get all in my mind and think, “What if they don’t like me and nobody hires me?”  But of course people will hire me, cause I love what I do and it shows. So,  Watch out Denver and the Midwest, cause here I come!

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